A Peculiar and Promising Action Taken

I spent over a year writing it, more editing and revising. I taught myself everything there was to know about the e-book publishing business. I had the manuscript formatted, a cover designed and I took the tough step of “putting myself out there” as one friend put it, by allowing the world to read my work.

I researched online marketing. I spent countless hours reading up on all the tips and tricks for selling a novel. I even hired (however briefly) an online marketing “guru” who taught me more that I thought I could ever possibly accomplish, although I did manage MOST of her suggestions!  I made LOTS of new friends in the strange world of self publishing, lots of terrifically supportive friends I might add. I got up at the crack of dawn every day to set my marketing schedule in motion. I got some pretty decent, REAL, reviews. I was interviewed several times and I even sold some books!

I was understandably quite proud of myself. It was a LOT of work, hard work, work that kept me awake at night, but I did it. I not only wrote a book, but I successfully (perhaps not quite as successfully as I COULD have) launched it.

And now, eighteen short months later, I’ve taken it off the market.

Seems a strange thing to do I realize, but I have (not surprisingly) a broader, and I hope more exciting and promising plan in mind.

You see as proud as I am of the fact that I actually WROTE A FRIGGING BOOK, like seriously, a WHOLE BOOK, my talent as a writer has changed, grown and dramatically improved since then.  I write every day, whether pitching magazines, writing fitness articles or short stories for competitions and slowly, very slowly, my considerably larger work in progress.  With that schedule comes a greater set of skills.  I studied writing (for television, and VERY briefly, but whatevs:) in college. I have taken many university level writing courses throughout my adult life, but actually sitting down and hammering it out—Every. Single. Day— is a much better teacher. To say nothing of the input from some of the above mentioned amazingly supportive friends—one in particular.

I hope one day to be not only recognized but also eventually remembered as a RESPECTED writer. I don’t think that my first (well second really, but who’s counting:) novel will be a fair representation of that.

It was a worthwhile and exciting experience. I have taken from it what I can and now I am moving toward what I believe will be an infinitely more rewarding future in writing.

Thank you for listening yet AGAIN, and please stay tuned!


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