About a Thousand Years Ago… (ok really about 30)

About a thousand years ago, my Dad asked me my thoughts on time shifting. He was trying to engage me in a conversation on a topic he thought I should have known about. Rightfully so, I was a television broadcasting student.

I didn’t. It was 1983 and I was about a week away from dropping out of college.

I remembered that conversation recently while I was watching my daughter flick through a bunch of taped TV episodes, while texting, snap chatting, and telling me about her day.

Thirty years ago I had no idea what my father was talking about and today it defines our lives. We time shift everything. Everything at our fingertips, time shifted and available for when we need it.

After dropping out of college all those years ago I have worked in a few different areas. Each of them related, as I like to point out to whomever might hint at the word “flaky” or perhaps “indecisive”. They are all creative pursuits and I have been a mildly frustrated artist for the better part of my adult life.

I did go back to college… eventually, and graduated with honours from a culinary college. I did work as a personal chef for a time however I found the schedule not well suited to family life. I have worked in photography on and off for many years and although it remains a passion, I never found a niche in which I could be both satisfied with what I was shooting AND actually earn money. It was always one or the other.

Finally, I write. I have slowly worked through many courses in order to improve my creative writing skills and have only in the past few years really given it a go as a freelance writer. I have had some moderate success in this area and it remains a creative skill I work to develop regularly.

What I hadn’t realized until very recently (I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes… sue me!) is that I could combine the three creative endeavours and plant myself firmly in the midst of this instantaneous and online world in which we now find ourselves living.

I’m sure many of you follow a lot of blogs online, probably a lot of them food related. We all eat after all! I’d be willing to bet that at the very least you look for recipes online.

I’ve been researching and learning how to run a successful food blog since early January and on April 29 (yes my birthday and now my blogs birthday too!) I will launch a food blog called Be Still & Eat.

I cook, I take pictures and I write a mindful blog to accompany the recipes. How happy is my life right now!

Imagine an opportunity to combine three passions for which you have studied and practice on a near daily basis. I honestly can’t believe it has taken me this long to figure out but here I am!

The process won’t be quick. It will take a fairly substantial amount of time to achieve the type of numbers (read:eyeballs on the blog) that are required to start seeing any real financial pay off, but I’m prepared for the work (and patience:) this will require.

I hope you will all join me at www.bestillandeat.com on April 29. Oh yeah, and please don’t forget to sign up for updates and leave your thoughts in the comments section… it’s what makes the whole thing tick!

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