Getting it into perspective… sort of

I knew a woman a long time ago who liked to say, “You can’t taste the soup if you’re sitting in it.” It loses a little of its quirky charm when you don’t hear it delivered in a cartoonishly high pitched voice and thick German accent. You get my point though, it’s just a quaint version of the old forest and trees idiom.

My son has taken up declaring at the least provocation “That’s a first world problem.” Usually in the correct context, but occasionally he’ll throw in a “That’s a rich white girl problem.” which is frankly just a little annoying, but I digress. What I’m trying to say is that it’s all about perspective.

Without perspective we can lose sight all too easily of what is truly important, why we began something, why we chose a certain path, why we have worked so hard, regardless of the immediate results—or lack thereof.

It happens everywhere… to everyone, at some point or another. It most certainly happens to me, and with some regularity I might add.

The other day a friend of mine lost complete perspective. As I was composing an email with a list of reasons why he SHOULDN’T give up writing permanently, I realized that I had lost a little myself.

I’ve just come back from an all too brief vacation with a sense of dread over the time I had not spent writing, pitching, crafting and creating. I sat down at my computer (which I had uncharacteristically not taken away with me) and the desktop was a complete horror show. I had (no, I can’t even admit the number aloud) projects open… and worse, UNFINISHED. Not one of them was complete (read:neither submitted nor pitched, let alone crafted and created.)

Clearly I haven’t been seeing the forest for the soup.

And so now I will, one project at a time, focus and finish… oh wait, that just gave me a great idea …


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