Just Pretend You Don’t Notice Anything New, Okay?

So leaving the house this morning on my way to the drug store, I realize that the recycling has not been taken out… did I mention that it was pouring with rain? It’s actually my great enormous teenage son’s job, but his brains have clearly leaked out his ears during “exams” week… I put the emphasis on “exams” as he had only two very early in the two week schedule. He has made an intense study of watching “Breaking Bad” in his man cave for the remaining several thousand hours of “exams”.

So back to the reason for the trip to the drug store. I decided to go on this little outing in no small part to avoid the barrage of text messages from my daughter questioning my ability (or lack thereof) to change the Ontario medical system to suit her schedule. I suppose you might ask why I think that simply leaving the house would stop the text messages. Well, I can then stuff the phone in my pocket and know that I am doing the right and legal thing while driving by ignoring the chimes and vibrations. And then once I’m in the store, well you see, my hands are busy with all the buying of stuff and juggling a (yes of course broken) wet umbrella.

So what exactly is the point, I hear you asking, of my telling you all a boring tale of heading to the drug store on a rainy Wednesday. I’ll get there I promise.

I immediately head for the beauty aisle. It always makes me feel a little better, much nicer than let’s say the pain relief or cold remedy aisle, let alone the feminine hygiene aisle. Okay so I’m in the beauty department and I locate the eye cream that I’ve recently graduated to… it’s the one for slightly deeper lines for the 40+ crowd. No worry. I’ve always embraced aging and hope that I’m doing it gracefully.  Oh make no mistake, I spend the inordinate amount of time at the gym that I do in hopes of defying gravity a while longer, but for the most part, I like my face. I’m just fine with all the little character lines… besides, it finally suits the length of my nose:)

I’ll tell you what I don’t plan on giving in to however… grey hair! BLECH! NO! I’ll fight that one tooth and nail for a great many years to come. So off to the hair colour aisle where I’ve recently discovered a new product which I am very pleased with. I like to experiment so thought I might try a new shade. I pick up a few boxes that look right… well the beautiful 25 year old on the box looks great at any rate. I bring the box in a little closer to my face to determine the exact colour by description and WHAT’S THIS? This box seems to have smudged in the printing process I think to myself reaching for another.

Well, I’m sure you’re all having a little chuckle now realizing what my next purchase at the drug store would be… yup I’ve finally reached the reading glasses age!

Did it really all have to happen on one day?

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