Karma: Not Always Such a Bitch

I believe in Karma. Those of you who know me, or even those of you who have read my work see plenty of evidence that I fully believe in Karma… for better or worse.

I think that getting what’s coming to us is a good thing. I think that it keeps us balanced and honest (or at least for the most part).

The other day while in the check out line at the grocery store I looked down under my cart and I saw what amounted to 3 or 4 dollars in change. I looked to and fro for the person who may have dropped it as the cashier rang up my purchases. I called out to the nearest woman, who shook her head.  I looked at the other cashiers, but still could not find the person whose wallet had clearly upended in the line.

I bent down to collect up each piece, dismissing the thought of what filth I might also be coming into contact with. I handed the coins over to the cashier explaining that I didn’t know what else to do with it, but laughed as I said that I was keeping the lone penny… for luck!

I checked my phone once my groceries were loaded into the car and saw a new email. It was from a man who had just been to my site. He wanted to say how much he liked my writing. He was asking me to become a regular contributor to his site… his infinitely more popular site! My first article will appear Sunday.

So was it the good Karma for returning the change? Or is that old “pick up a penny” thing for real?

I hope that you’ll join me on Sunday mornings over at www.lifestyleandstrength.com It’s a very interesting site with tons of great info and now me!

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