My Cat is Obese and My Mother is Always Right

I know, I know it sounds like a very strange title but it will come full circle, I promise.

You see I had my parents over for dinner the other night. Just a casual Sunday family dinner and as frequently happens when people come to visit, I feel it necessary to defend my cat’s physique. It doesn’t seem to matter how often a person has met him, they always feel compelled to tell me how really amazingly fat he is. A girl can get a little cranky.

“It’s not that he’s fat you know…” I say rather more defensively than truly necessary. “…my vet says he’s a very large cat and even if he were at an ideal weight, he would only be a pound or so lighter than he currently is. Look how tall he is! He’s a really big boy!” I exclaim. I should take this opportunity to point out that even my husband and children generally cast doubtful looks at me at this point in my weak defense of my big kitty.

“Stace, I see that he’s a big cat, but darling, he’s really rather fat too… I mean REALLY FAT!” My mother said to me that particular Sunday evening, kindly private school manners flying right out of the window. “I think it’s entirely possible that the person telling you that he is not overweight is hitting on you.” She laughs and looks around the table hoping for (and receiving) laughter of agreement.

“Oh Mummy, don’t be silly, that’s just ridiculous.” I retort somewhat angrily, coaxing my portly pet up onto my lap. He of course takes this opportunity to look around the table from his newly improved vantage point to survey for potentially interesting food items leftover.

A few days later a friend and I were out doing a little window shopping (okay maybe it was a little more interactive than that:) in the neighbourhood when I spotted my vet paying for parking.

“Hey! How are you? I haven’t seen you at the gym in ages (it’s a small neighbourhood… everyone works out at the same gym)… have you stopped going?” I ask him teasingly, knowing that he is as committed to his fitness as I am.

“I’ve been going in the mornings lately… I know you go usually in the afternoons don’t you? Hey, we should work out together some time.”

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