Short Stories not Short Pants

I was recently offered an opportunity to become a contributor to a fashion website. I was told that I would be writing about fashion trends and more specifically, fashion for the over 40 crowd.

I perused the site, read most of the recent articles, researched the owner of the site and for a multitude of reasons, turned the offer down.

The first reason that sprang to mind was that I don’t consider myself remotely qualified to give advice or even comment with any authority on what fashion trends are happening. The second and slightly less important reason is that although I am in fact over 40, I’ve never really been one to follow the somewhat uptight rule of “dress your age”. I dress how I want… if I like it and it fits, then I wear it… age limitations be damned.

The woman who offered me this opportunity was quick to shoot down my two primary reasons, and I must admit that her arguments for me writing were pretty solid. I had to find reasons that she would not be able to overcome.

I quickly leapt on the anti-consumerism band wagon. I rationalized that although admittedly I do like clothes, that buying them as a hobby was something I could neither condone nor encourage in others. I had a back up argument in case she found a loop hole with that one. I couldn’t get behind encouraging women to become slaves to whatever inane fashion was all the rage for that month, then mindlessly cast it aside when something even more FABULOUS comes along. I was going to work the reduce, reuse, recycle angle if it killed me.

But something kept niggling at the back of my mind, that little something called a conscience. It struck when I caught myself buying a truly adorable knit dress with a long silver bejewelled necklace “just-cuz-it-looked-really-great-with-the-dress-on-the-manequin”. A dress I might add that is now hanging in my closet alongside about eight others of the same basic style. I have a weakness for knit dresses – sue me.

It was in the sweet little boutique that I realized my true reason for turning down what might have turned into a pretty great writing job… I hate formal shorts and no one, no matter what is on offer, is going to convince me to write that they are EVER a good idea and no, I do not care how awesome your legs are. Oh don’t misunderstand, I hate a lot of fashion trends and so would struggle with writing enthusiastically about them, but without doubt formal shorts top the list.

And so I will continue to stay true to myself and focus on short stories and not short pants.

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