This REALLY needs addressing… even if it is just by me.

So I guess it’s been awhile.

I hadn’t planned on taking quite this large a step away from my computer but there you have it… stuff just snuck up on me.

In my own defense, it’s not like I was just lazing about, or cocktailing on patios with friends all summer, although there was a tiny bit of that:)  I’ve been quite busy with a new project, details of which I’ll bore you all with in my next post!

I’ve finally sat down to write today because of a statement I read recently that has moved me—more accurately it fired me up. It read like this…

”I think the greatest lie is to think that anything you do can change someone else.”


I think that’s sad and leaning just a little to the wrong side of hopeless.

I can already hear some of you saying “Oh God Stace, don’t be so naive!” but hear me out.

I don’t think we can change people (or be changed by people) in a larger sense, say for example our core values, but I fully believe that people change as they are impacted by others, every single minute of every single day. I might even go so far as to think that if we are NOT changed in some way by those around us then perhaps we have stopped looking and listening.

I’m not talking about the kind of changing people that your mother warns you about when you start dating the “bad boy with the motorcycle” (who, not surprisingly, I not only dated but subsequently married however briefly:) I’m talking about more subtle changes in how we view, and in fact even react to the world.

I can’t for one second believe that every new interest I develop, or method for tackling a problem has come solely from my own inner workings. They come from someone else. Whether I read about it, talked to someone about it or even saw it on a TED talk (to which I am uttlerly addicted and if you don’t watch them, seriously, start now! Dare I say, it might change you:)

Each new piece of information I take in has a great likelihood of changing me in some way. It may be important and life altering or merely a thoughtful new way to see what is happening around me.

I may change my garden design each year, however subtly, because of someone else’s ideas. I alter and expand how I spend my leisure time based on what I have learned from other peoples experiences and interests. (Thank you my lovely cousin Vicki:) I make changes to my fitness schedule based on knowledge I have garnered from others, most notably my trainer Eli, but sometimes just from watching what’s going on (or not going on!) at the gym.

My writing style has altered rather dramatically in no small part because of my writerly friends input. That coupled with studying more closely the authors I admire and continually taking courses which expand my views and abilities. That is me being changed by someone else. A bunch of someone elses!

I’ve become involved with a volunteer group (which is mostly what I’ve been busy doing this summer) who are interested in my ideas for how to grow and alter… guess that means I’ve changed them a little. One of the main goal’s of this group is to help other’s see things a little differently as well, to help people grow and learn. In short, to help them change a little, or maybe even a lot.

Change is important and something I strive to remain open to until… well, forever. Call me naive if you will, but I believe it and will continue to do so. Unless of course you think you can prove me wrong… which ironically would prove me right!

I guess I could even say that the person who penned the statement that so got under my skin has changed me a little too… she got me back to my damn computer 🙂


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