When your passion finds you

I guess you might consider me a passionate person.  I get very excited about whatever it is that I’m working on. I think about it day and night, sometimes to the point that it interferes with my sleep. I’m never too upset about that part as some of my best ideas come at 4am.

I tend to be most passionate, some might say a little obsessed, about artistic pursuits.  Photography, cooking, a brief stint with an attempt to combine the two (food styling and photography is MUCH harder than it looks, I promise you!!!) and of course writing.

I’ve recently been writing weekly articles for www.lifestyleandstrength.com and it has caused a revelation of sorts for me.

Sometimes when we’re so busy trying to find our passion, it sneaks up on you. Sometimes  your passion finds YOU.

I’ve always taken my gym time very seriously, but would never have considered it an artistic pursuit… it’s just something that I must do for a myriad of reasons. What I hadn’t realized was that I absolutely LOVE writing about it.

While I may struggle from time to time with my fictional work, I can’t seem to shut the output valve off on the lifestyle and strength articles.

Now I have to figure out how to channel the non stop flow of ideas in to how in the hell to finish that second novel. The third novel is feeling a little crowded out in the very busy and passionate place between my ears.

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