Where Infinity and Hope Meet

When I was little, I was terribly afraid of infinity. It was represented by space and death and maybe even … dun, dun, dun dun … forever. My young mind was afraid of forever.

I vaguely recall a television program, obviously fiction, about an astronaut abandoned by his ship, just floating, alone… infinitely. You can see how that might trouble a young mind.

As I’ve grown and (possibly, probably, maybe, dunno:) matured, I’ve come to enjoy the prospect of infinity. It gives me a surge of excitement as I imagine the possibilities of forever. It represents hope to me now. Now my heart leaps a little as though I have a secret when I consider infinity.

Imagine having an infinite time in which to cultivate a passion.

My thoughts on infinity and hope are still developing in my mind. I will continue to explore this topic and to try understand and articulate the notions of where hope and infinity intersect.

Thank you for indulging me by listening, and no I have not been smoking pot!:) It might be one too many yoga classes of late though!

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