While I write… please enjoy this fun little bit

This was a short piece written from the point of view of the main character in my story.

Julianne gives us a quick look into her life and what A New Set of Rules is all about.

Enjoy and as always please let me know what you think of the piece!


So…irony, it’s a funny thing; one Christmas, my mum gave me a really nice carving knife, with a beautiful rosewood handle and a steel blade that never needed sharpening; she’d taped a penny to the blade.

“For luck.” She’d said.

When I tried to take that taped penny off, I sliced my thumb. Now, isn’t the irony of that just hilarious?

My story? It’s a series of taped pennies; situations that seemed to me at the time almost comical, they were so thick with irony. I don’t want to give away too much, suffice it to say, Karma is a bitch!


Don’t get me wrong, these taped pennies, were ultimately the best thing that could have happened to me.

They opened up a door in my life that may otherwise have remained firmly closed. I’ve always been ready for change, it’s important, and it’s usually been accompanied by adventures, so I’m always up for it.

So here was all this new information that I had to try and understand and frankly it was all I could do not to laugh uncontrollably… I worried briefly that perhaps the cheese had finally slipped off my cracker, but the truth of that matter was that I really wasn’t unprepared for any of it…it felt as though I’d been ready for it for a long time and I was sure going to embrace it. I was looking forward to what all this change would bring.

My adventure began in Manhattan; a short visit, but after that, I found myself questioning some of the choices I had made. I know, I know… that sounds a little clichéd, but life can be like that.

I understood almost instinctively that I could revisit any of the choices I’ve made, I could change them, if I really wanted to. I was euphoric. How could you not be?

Step one was simple; I wanted to reconnect with my great big and perpetually enthusiastic family, especially my sister Diana. She’s always had a way of zeroing in on a situation and pulling from it the most important details. She was also always the best at sniffing out an adventure!

With that uncanny ability, she convinced me to travel half way around the world in search of something…someone actually.

I didn’t have to search for long, it was almost as though he had been waiting for me; waiting for me still after all these years. I was spellbound by the romance of it all, a love affair that could withstand the test of time and of distance.

The next few days were a whirlwind…and as it would turn out, life changing in so many ways. Sometimes you pick at the tape around that penny and you cut yourself; sometimes that penny comes right off without so much as a scratch. That’s irony there; you just never know what’s going to happen next. Pick up a copy of A New Set of Rules and see for yourself.

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