Why I Suck at Self Promotion

I think I’ll go with the first and most likely reason as to why I suck at self promotion… I AM CANADIAN.

I don’t mean to offend all of you OTHER Canadians who are self promotion geniuses. It’s just that typically we are very unassuming and exceedingly polite people. We apologize A LOT. And so with that thought in mind I will apologize for taking up your time today while you read this article.

I simply have a very hard time selling myself. Selling almost anything ELSE is a complete breeze. In fact some people have told me that selling is my true natural forte. ICK!

I even have a hard time sending an email to close friends and family telling them about some change in my world. I’m perpetually afraid of inconveniencing someone… anyone.

It’s not that I don’t think I’m good at what I do (see now I even cringed a little at that one) it’s just that I feel somehow that everyone is busy… we’re all busy, and have things we need to get done or sold or whatever our goals are. ALL OF US… not just me. So why would any of you want to take time out of your own day to read about me?

I’m working on this little problem, but wouldn’t it all be so much better if someone else just told the world what an awesome writer I am? Sorry about that… carry on.

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