Writing and Reading Sex Scenes

I’ve been thinking a lot about sex…I’ve been wondering why some people can’t wait to get to the sex scenes and others simply squirm in their seats at the prospect of reading one.  I’m definitely in the former camp…the suspense leading up to a sex scene almost always has me on the edge of my seat (depends of course on how well it’s written!) I can NOT wait to get to the actual sex scenes, and have been known to skip ahead to them, or in really special cases,  re-read them several times (think Diana Gabaldon’s The Outlander!)

A really well written sex scene can be almost as good as the real thing…almost, maybe let’s not get carried away shall we! A great sex scene makes your breath quicken and can block out the whole world…it’s just you and the written word, romantic no? It stays in your memory for days or perhaps even weeks.  A well written sex scene doesn’t even have to use smutty language, although I should point out that I’m not remotely averse to it, I just choose to keep it out in case my Mum ever decides to read one of my books;)

I’m very interested in hearing your opinion of what makes a really great sex scene in a book…I want to hear it all, no holds barred, bring it on!

Stay tuned for an erotic fiction short story on this site soon…I have so many that I’d like to share with you

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